Truthing in Love

Truthing in love

When it appears in the Bible, “speaking the truth in love” (literally “truthing in love”) means far more than just “saying true things in a charitable way”.

Finding security: a men’s dinner talk

How much of your life is taken up by the quest for security? Jesus has been giving people deep and lasting security, for two thousand years and counting.

The trusted system: a week in the life

My trusted system includes various structures for sustainable sacrifice in Christian ministry. How does this trusted system work for me in a typical week?

Justified Only By Faith (a Sermon)

Sola Fide: Justified Only by Faith. A sermon by Lionel Windsor. What faith means. What faith isn’t. Why justification only by faith really, really matters.

The Work of Ministry in Ephesians 4:12

Ministry in Ephesians 4:12 does not mean ‘service’. Rather, it is fundamentally a matter of ‘bringing’ the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to people.

Sleeping Tiger

Capturing wild commitments

Being a Christian involves being committed to people. But all these commitments can be a source of stress, unless they are captured. Here’s how I do it.

Building blocks of a trusted system

Christian ministry involves constantly asking: “What should I be doing right now?” This is where my “trusted system” is incredibly useful to me.

Prelude: An electro-blues album

In the 1990s I wrote and recorded some electro-blues pieces with an electric piano, synth and PC. I called the album “Prelude”. Here are a few tracks.

ThLZ review: Paul and the Vocation of Israel

A review of my book Paul and the Vocation of Israel has appeared in the German journal Theologische Literaturzeitung. Extract [my translation]: “Windsor’s work deserves credit as it will certainly stimulate further exegetical reflection. He has taken Paul’s efforts in self-assurance, by means of his appropriation of Isaiah, and placed them in reference to Paul’s statements about Judaism.”