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Did Paul reject “Judaism?”

Galatians 1:13-14 is not making a direct statement about Paul’s rejection of “Second Temple Judaism”. Rather, Galatians 1:13-14 is simply saying that Paul had rejected one particular Jewish idea – Ἰουδαϊσμός.


‘Allow me to die’?

A highly disturbing development in the Euthanasia Debate has recently been brought to light.


God’s victory over the enemies of assurance: Overview of Romans 5-8

How does the gospel message deal with the “enemies” of assurance and help us to live confidently with God as our Father?


Overview of Romans 1-4

An overview of the biblical book of Romans, chapters 1-4, given by Lionel Windsor at MooreWomen Talks, April 2015. Audio file: Overview of …


When rulers encounter God: sermon series

Audio from a 3-part sermon series, spanning two semesters and two testaments, at the Moore College chapel.


GoThereFor – resources is a treasure trove of high quality ideas, Bible studies, training materials and other resources for making disciples of Christ.


Faculty Profile – Moore College

My “Q&A” faculty profile is in the Moore Matters newsletter, Winter 2015. It includes: … What is your role at Moore College and what …


Learning to live in 3D

Have you ever been watching a 3D movie wearing 3D glasses, and done that thing where you close one eye and look at the screen, then open that eye and close the other eye and look at the screen again? Here’s a thought experiment for you. Do the same thing, metaphorically, with your picture of the Christian life.

Why learn Hebrew? Interview with Michelle Philp

Why learn biblical Hebrew?

Learning Hebrew takes organisation, discipline and effort. Is the hard work is worth it? Why learn Hebrew in the first place anyway?


Speech not works (Romans 10:8-10)

In my book, I argue that the mention of the “mouth” alongside the “heart” is a key to Paul’s argument about the nature of salvation.

Preachers and Leaders

Preaching sermons and leading congregations: what’s the connection? (Exploring some implications)

Paper, audio and video of a conference paper exploring further questions relating to my essay, “Preachers and Leaders”