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Month: May 2011

God’s word, God’s people (Romans 11)

Part of a series on Romans 9-11

Outline When God lets you down… God’s word is being preached (Rom 11:1-4) God’s word has not…

Doing, Believing and Preaching (Romans 10)

Part of a series on Romans 9-11

Outline The doorknocker The gospel that is preached (Rom 10:1-13) Israel’s problem (Rom 10:1-3, Rom 10:5) Christ…

God’s plan, Israel’s failure (Romans 9)

Part of a series on Romans 9-11

Outline Paul’s anguish (Rom 9:1-3) Israel’s privileges (Rom 9:4) Israel’s purpose (Rom 9:5) Israel’s existence constantly depends…

Doctrines Under Threat 3: Nowism

See also my articles: Nowism and Countering Nowism.

Doctrines Under Threat 2: Union with Christ

Outline (Reading from Romans 6) Intro: Faith and Works Union with Christ in Philippians 3 Righteousness by law is rubbish (2-7) Knowing Christ (8a)…

Doctrines Under Threat 1: Nothing’s Right without Justification

I preached this three-part series recently at a church weekend away for those in their twenties and thirties.

Thanks to Sandy Grant for the…

Is God Green Part 2: God and the Future of the World

I’m grateful to Byron Smith who made a few critical comments about a previously published version of this sermon (in five parts: #1, #2a,…

Is God Green Part 1: God, the World and Jesus

I’ve preached this series a number of times over the years – here’s the latest edition (this time with a slightly croaky voice). Before you…

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