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Brian Rosner on Paul and the Law

If you’re anywhere in or around Sydney in August, don’t miss Brian Rosner’s lecture series. This is a very important topic. I’m guessing the lecture series will touch on issues like: What does the Old Testament law have to do with Jesus? Will God judge me based on whether I keep the law? What does the Old Testament law have to do with the way I live day by day? Brian is a world-class scholar in the field and I’m sure his answers will be worth hearing. Wish I was there!


Public Lecture (overview)
August 9 @ 8pm:  Paul and the Law:  Keeping the Commandments of God

Five Lecture Series
August 15 @ 10am:  “Circumcision is nothing”:  The Puzzle of Paul and the Law
August 16 @   9am:  “Not under the law”:  Paul’s Repudiation of the Law as Legal Code
August 17 @  9am:  “Under the law of Christ”:  Paul’s Replacement of the Law
August 18 @  9am:  “Witness to the gospel”:  Paul’s Re-appropriation of the Law as Prophecy
August 19 @  9am:  “Written for our instruction”: Paul’s Re-appropriation of the Law as Wisdom

Lectures will be held in the Broughton Knox Lecture Theatre, 15 King Street, Newtown.  All welcome and there is NO CHARGE.


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