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Christ Evangelical Reformed Church, Malaysia

Update 2 September 2013:

I need to clarify my role with Christ Evangelical Reformed Church, Malaysia in light of recent confusion, and to explain briefly why I am no longer associated with the church in any formal sense.

Although I was not involved directly in starting the church, from 2009-2012, I was asked to be CERC’s “consultant elder”. This was supposed to be a position where I provided both advice and also a level of formal accountability for CERC’s elder (this is how my role was explained to me, and to a number of others).

Recently I have been seeking to hold the elder accountable on certain matters of church polity that I deem important. I have also been seeking to clarify the exact nature of my formal role. I have come to understand that:

  1. The church is now fully committed to a structure in which the eldership has full control over the membership and finances of the church–apart from large matters involving dissolution, major property decisions or debt, in which case members will have a vote.
  2. For now and for the foreseeable future, the church has only one elder.
  3. I have strongly advised the church / elder against this arrangement.
  4. My advice in this area has been rejected.
  5. The church / elder now no longer deems me to be an “elder” in any sense, nor to have any role in exercising accountability in the church.

I am grieved by this state of affairs, but am continuing to trust in God’s sovereignty over his people in Malaysia.


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