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Having your heart in your mouth (Romans 10:1-13)

I preached this sermon recently at St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong. Right now, St Michael’s is engaging in a concerted effort to promote conversations about Jesus! People are being asked to complete the sentence, “Jesus is _______.” How would you fill the blank?

315 Christians spelling out “JESUS IS _____” at North Beach, Wollongong. My son and I are in the “U”!

The sermon grew out of my study of Romans 9-11, which formed chapter 5 of my PhD thesis.

Addendum: Sandy Grant at St Michael’s Wollongong says:

If people are interested, they can find out more about the Jesus Is campaign by:

  1. Visiting the website
  2. Reading this brief introduction
  3. Emailing me for an expanded several page intro to the philosophy of the mission.
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