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Humility in Ministry #3 (Romans 11)

A sermon preached by Lionel Windsor at Moore College Chapel on 5 August 2020.


  1. When God doesn’t meet your expectations
  2. The Israelite gospel preacher (vv. 1–2a)
  3. The remnant versus the rest (vv. 2b–10)
  4. The gospel for Israel (vv. 11–16)
  5. Humility for the all (vv. 17–32)
  6. Praise for God’s purposes (vv. 33–36)

For more details on my exegesis of the passage, see the post: “Why does Paul call himself an “Israelite” in Romans 11:1?

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  • Lionel J. Windsor, "Obedience and Submission in 1 Peter", The Global Anglican 136/2 (2022): 126–144

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