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The True Meaning of Awesome (2 Samuel 6)

How should you relate to God? Relaxed, or reverent? Familiar, or fearful? Is God your mate, or your master?

Finally, a real blog

This site has been through a number of metamorphoses. It began as a place where I posted Greek and Hebrew vocabulary-learning tools. After a while I added a few articles and essays and random thoughts. In the last few years, I’ve been using the site to inform people about my …

Republishing older articles

Many of the older articles on this site are PDFs or static HTML pages. Over the next few months, in order to update my site, I’ll be publishing these older articles as blog posts, at a frequency of one post every few days.

Forget the Channel: a name for this site

I’ve been thinking about naming this site for a while. The new name, Forget the Channel, is taken from the final verse of the hymn ‘May the Mind of Christ my Saviour’ by Kate Barclay Wilkinson (apparently written before 1913, published in 1925): May His beauty rest upon me, As …