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Biblical theology

It’s Time to Speak Out

A sermon about the importance of speaking the gospel of Christ, based on Romans 1:1-6.

Romans: An exercise in Jewish vocation

In my book, I argue that the occasion and purpose of Paul’s letter to the Romans is bound up with the relationship between his apostolic ministry and his Jewish identity. Romans, in other words, is an exercise in Jewish vocation.

Album: Masterplan – Ben Pakula

Ben Pakula’s new album – Masterplan – is available on iTunes and at the CEP Store. I love Ben’s work, and so do our kids. It’s a powerful rock style combined with words that teach profound truths about God, Jesus, humanity and the world. Often, when our kids ask us …

PhD thesis: approved and now available online (Paul and the Vocation of Israel)

This dissertation argues that Paul’s apostolic mission to the Gentiles was the definitive expression of his divine vocation as an Israelite, and thus of his Jewish identity. For many of Paul’s Jewish contemporaries, Israel’s divine vocation was to keep and to teach the precepts of the Law of Moses as an exemplary witness to God’s power and wisdom. For Paul, however, Jewish identity was expressed primarily by preaching the gospel of Christ, as the fulfilment of the Law of Moses, to the Gentiles. This is seen most clearly in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

God’s Word versus the Kingdom (1 Kings 21)

This sermon is part 3 in a 3-part series on 1 Kings 17-22.

Outline: The manic street preacher Who rules Israel? (vv. 1-16) God’s word versus the king (vv. 17-29) God’s word, God’s kingdom and us

Empires in the Middle-East

Here’s a nice 90-second video showing the various empires which have controlled the middle-east down through the ages – including during the biblical period. Good for quickly introducing people to the historical and geographical context of biblical books (especially Isaiah!) HT Stephen Cook