What if

What if . . .

Lionel Windsor 2001

What if love is more than a feeling?

What if there’s more to life?

What if people matter more than anything?

What if the truth IS out there?

What if the best things in life ARE free?

What if education isn’t the answer?

What if your life is not your own?

What if you could trust someone completely?

What if wealth is worthless?

What if the destination matters more than the journey?

What if generosity is its own reward?

What if you’re wrong?

What if God is a person, not an idea?

What if you saw the consequences before you made the decision?

What if the people with all the answers have asked the wrong questions?

What if the most important person in the world is someone other than you?

What if eternity is more than just a word?

What if you never find what you’re looking for because you’re not looking for the right thing?

What if believing something doesn’t make it true?

What if God knows what’s in your heart?