Month: March 2009

  • The problem with Galatians

    I thought this was too good to pass over: If Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians was Published in Christianity Today Thanks Joel Riley for the link.

  • What is a tree for?

    A tree is good (Gen 1:12). A tree is beautiful (Gen 2:9). A tree is for food (Gen 1:29). A tree is a blessing from God for his creation, even in those wild places where no human being has set foot (Job 40:20-22). A tree is for birds (Ps 104:16-17). A tree is for war—to […]

  • Investing in bookshops

    A personal theological library is a vital tool for anyone serious about serving the gospel. It is important to invest in good Christian books. But have you ever considered the importance of investing in good Christian bookshops? It’s a fact that Christian publishing is big business. This is not entirely negative: the unprecedented array of Christian […]

  • Kings of Israel and Judah

    Grant Mackay, who’s currently studying the Moore College Introduction to the Bible course with us at church, has produced this nifty timeline of the kings of Israel and Judah. Great for having beside you when you read through the books of 1 & 2 Kings.

  • Remata – the Greek vocab spreadsheet moves to the next level

    Eric Miller, Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Quartz Hill School of Theology, has optimised and upgraded my initial Greek vocab spreadsheet for a number of different platforms. Remata is freely available for download – do check it out.