The Life of Jesus on TV

Something to watch on Good Friday – whether you’re committed to Jesus or just interested in the history.

From the Centre for Public Christianity:

CPX is glad to announce the release of the historical documentary The Life of Jesus. Shot on location in Israel and presented by John Dickson, the documentary introduces the viewer in six short episodes to what we know of Jesus’ birth, his teaching, his deeds and his crucifixion and reported resurrection from the dead.

A 1-hour version of the documentary will be shown in Australia on Channel 7 on Good Friday at 1pm. The Life of Jesus is also a six-part course that has an accompanying 200-page guidebook with episode scripts, discussion questions and a translation of the Gospel according to Luke. The course includes video and written material Behind the Life of Jesus with humanities scholar Greg Clarke discussing mind-stretching issues such as the existence of God, the problem of suffering and belief in miracles.