Month: June 2009

  • Learning How to Talk (Ephesians 5:3-20)

    Christians have a special way of speaking, that might sound strange to outsiders. Ephesians 5:3-20 tells Christians how to talk. Preached at St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong, on 14 June 2009.

  • Watch your language

    On the Sola Panel: I was recently reminded of my approaching middle age while teaching a Scripture class to a bunch of 12-year-olds. We were learning about the kings of Israel and Judah. At one point in the lesson, I told them that many of these kings were wicked, and therefore God’s judgement came upon […]

  • Seow Hebrew vocabulary resources from David Reimer

    David Reimer, from Edinburgh, has provided two very helpful resources for students using C. L. Seow’s Textbook A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. This Vocabulary List contains the entire vocabulary list from Seow, sorted by “alephbet”. A good reference glossary. This Flashcards – Seow Hebrew (Unicode) is my original Hebrew flashcards program with the Hebrew words […]

  • A key point at which N.T. Wright is just plain wrong

    I’m currently reading through Tom Wright’s Justification: God’s Plan and Paul’s Vision. He writes lucidly and engagingly, with a grand vision and a ready wit. However, it’s been frustrating going. Not only does he appear to be consistently misrepresenting his opponents (which is frustrating enough), he also misrepresents the Bible at a key point. On […]

  • Forget the Channel: a name for this site

    I’ve been thinking about naming this site for a while. The new name, Forget the Channel, is taken from the final verse of the hymn ‘May the Mind of Christ my Saviour’ by Kate Barclay Wilkinson (apparently written before 1913, published in 1925): May His beauty rest upon me, As I seek the lost to […]

  • Sermon series: Get With The Program is podcasting the first half of the sermon series on Ephesians preached recently by Al Stewart and myself at St Michael’s Wollongong. The series is on this site too, of course, but the version has some extras: a cute cover photo, a title for the series, and a short blurb. That’s because they’re […]