In Durham

It’s been a little while between posts: by God’s grace, our family has just completed the transition from Wollongong, Australia to Durham, England in order for me to undertake further study for the sake of long-term theological education in Australia and Malaysia.

We’ve been quite occupied travelling and getting set up in Durham. The posts should start up again soon. In the meantime, here’s a few photos of our new neighbourhood. I went for a 10 minute walk from our house to a fish and chips shop in town. This is what the walk looks like…






3 responses to “In Durham”

  1. Ah, the British ‘probably’. Nicely dropped in there in that last photo 😉

    1. A very clever reference indeed – if only I myself had picked up on the connection! I thought it was a funny and quaint sign, but was oblivious to the obvious link with the atheist ad campaign. It’s true, of course, that both ads rely on about the same level of supporting evidence.

  2. josephine blue

    Nice photos, lovely light. Reminiscent of Newtown, but with more history.