Month: December 2009

  • Quick visual overview of the Bible

    I’ve used this quick, visual overview of the Bible to help students see how some of the key elements of the Bible’s overall story are related to one another. Click on the picture to download a PowerPoint presentation – it just takes a couple of minutes to scroll through the presentation.

  • So you think you can serve?

    From the Sola Panel: I’ve just read through the Apostle Paul’s letters and noted all the words he uses to describe his ministry. It’s a fascinating and humbling list. Paul calls himself: apostle, servant, minister, preacher, master builder, from the tribe of Benjamin, prisoner, teacher, Hebrew, aroma, Jew, Israelite, temple servant, from the circumcision, manager, […]

  • The language of Chalcedon

    A few years back, I put together this visual summary of the terminology the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD) used to express the biblical doctrines of the Trinity and the two natures of Christ. This is one of the most important councils of Christian history, because it clearly confirmed the reality of God revealed in […]

  • The most authentic – and heartwrenching – Christmas message I’ve heard this year

    From BBC news: Hannah Saaf, 28, of St Michael’s Hill in Kingsdown, Bristol, pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving at Bristol Crown Court in September. Sam Riddall was killed in May as he walked with friends in Westbury-on-Trym on his way home from a church. The Bristol University law graduate had been travelling […]

  • Pictures of snow in Durham

    In Durham over the last day or so we’ve had a few snow showers. It’s quite a novelty for an Aussie family. Here’s some pictures of Durham in the snow! Click on any of the photos for a high resolution image. At night, at our front door, during the first snow shower: I went for […]

  • Jesus and Cancer

    A talk given by Lionel Windsor at a Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea on 31 May, 2007, at the home of Keith and Pam Gregory, of St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong. Acknowledgements I count it such a privilege to be able to take part in this morning tea. It is so impressive, this enormous effort […]

  • A step-by-step guide to teaching the Bible

    I’ve often used this short guide as a basis for training Bible Study leaders and those preparing to give Bible talks to children and youth. It’s available to download as a PDF here. Preparing to Teach the Bible—Step by Step Part 1—Understanding the passage Pray Read the passage several times Context What has just come […]

  • Heavy metal for kids on iTunes – Ben Pakula

    Our whole family (aged 35, 31, 7, 5 and 2) has loved listening to Ben Pakula’s heavy metal album for kids, A Very Special Tent. The Album is now available on iTunes. Just type “Ben Pakula” into the iTunes Store search box (if you don’t have iTunes, you need to download and install the program […]

  • Silence about the Spirit

    From the Sola Panel: I’ve been enjoying Paul’s series on lousy arguments. At the risk of stealing Paul’s thunder, I’ve got another argument to add to the mix: the Argument from Silence. The Argument from Silence is rather simple, often wrong, but sometimes spot-on. The Argument from Silence happens when you listen to a speaker, […]