Month: February 2011

  • The olive tree is not about Gentiles joining Israel (Romans 11:17-24)

    A short while ago I wrote a post claiming that Paul doesn’t ever teach that the Gentiles are included in Israel. I said: Gentiles don’t need to be included in Israel. In fact, the opposite is true; we Gentiles are saved by faith in Christ without being included in Israel. That’s one of the apostle […]

  • “Justification” and “righteousness” are not the same

    As a side-project, I’m engaging in a small quest for greater semantic clarity in regard to the biblical word-group related to “justification” and “righteousness”. I’m not just trying to engage in pedantic nit-picking; I think it’s important to clarify the meanings of these really important words that are used by the apostle Paul in key […]

  • Now you can subscribe to comments on this blog by email

    In response to the growing number of comments on my blog, and to a very reasonable suggestion from my friend David, I’ve added a subscription service for comments. I.e. you can choose to receive emails notifying you when comments are added to a given blog post. Enjoy! And please let me know if you find […]

  • “Until” is not as significant as it’s made out to be (Romans 11:25)

    This is a follow-up to my previous post: What does “all Israel will be saved” (Rom 11:26) mean? Often those who argue for the “eschatological miracle” option in Romans 11:26 (i.e. a wholesale turning of the Jewish people to Christ when he returns) point to the decisive significance of the word “until” in Romans 11:25: […]

  • I’m sayin’ something

    On the Sola Panel I’m with Tony. When it comes to telling you what to do in response to the issue of climate change, I’m sayin’ nuttin’. But I’m also with Carl Henry as quoted by Tony. So here’s some biblical truths that I am willing to say. Maybe they’ll help you to think more […]

  • What does “all Israel will be saved” (Rom 11:26) mean?

    One of the best articles I’ve read on what Paul meant when he said “all Israel will be saved” is by Christopher Zoccali, “‘And So All Israel will be Saved’: Competing Interpretations of Romans 11.26 in Pauline Scholarship.” Journal for the Study of the New Testament 30, no. 3 (2008): 289-318. Zoccali argues, compellingly to […]

  • Keeping the Solas Together

    From the Sola Panel One of the aims of the Sola Panel is to go back to basics, to remind ourselves of the importance of the ‘solas’ (i.e. scripture alone, faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone, glory to God alone). This post will look at one way in which these solas all fit together. I’m […]