Month: May 2011

  • What did the apostle Paul really care about? At a glance…

    Thanks Wordle:

  • The Doubting Believer

    A great post from Michael Jensen today about Abraham, Sarah, doubt and faith (I’m presuming it was originally a Moore College chapel sermon): The Doubting Believer I – Abram & Sarai An excerpt: The story of Abram illustrates for us that faith is not heroic. It might seem strange that the New Testament presents doubting […]

  • The problem with John Piper’s view of justification

    It seems to me that certain American preachers like John Piper have recently been eliciting a strangely disproportionate fascination and emotional commitment amongst Aussie evangelicals. So I thought I’d reiterate my previously published misgivings about Piper’s view of justification. Please don’t read this and assume I’m pitching my tent in some kind of “anti-Piper” camp […]

  • God’s word, God’s people (Romans 11)

    Part of a series on Romans 9-11 Outline When God lets you down… God’s word is being preached (Rom 11:1-4) God’s word has not failed (Rom 11:5-10) God’s word will achieve greater things (Rom 11:11-15) God’s word cannot be taken for granted (Rom 11:16-24) God’s word will be fulfilled (Rom 11:25-32) God’s ways are greater […]

  • Doing, Believing and Preaching (Romans 10)

    Part of a series on Romans 9-11 Outline The doorknocker The gospel that is preached (Rom 10:1-13) Israel’s problem (Rom 10:1-3, Rom 10:5) Christ is the end of the law (Rom 10:4, Rom 10:6-8) Believing and speaking (Rom 10:9-10) For everyone who calls (Rom 10:11-13) The preachers of the gospel (Rom 10:14-21) Paul’s success (Rom […]

  • God’s plan, Israel’s failure (Romans 9)

    Part of a series on Romans 9-11 Outline Paul’s anguish (Rom 9:1-3) Israel’s privileges (Rom 9:4) Israel’s purpose (Rom 9:5) Israel’s existence constantly depends on God’s calling (Rom 9:6-13) Israel, an instrument in God’s hands (Rom 9:14-23) Israel’s existence constantly depends on God’s calling (Rom 9:24-29) Israel’s failure and God’s plan (Rom 9:30-33)

  • Doctrines Under Threat 3: Nowism

    See also my articles: Nowism and Countering Nowism.

  • Doctrines Under Threat 2: Union with Christ

    Outline (Reading from Romans 6) Intro: Faith and Works Union with Christ in Philippians 3 Righteousness by law is rubbish (2-7) Knowing Christ (8a) Gaining Christ (8b) Being in Christ (9a) Righteousness through faith in Christ (9b) Living in Christ (10-11) What is Union with Christ? Fundamental To be loved by God as Sons For […]

  • Doctrines Under Threat 1: Nothing’s Right without Justification

    I preached this three-part series recently at a church weekend away for those in their twenties and thirties. Thanks to Sandy Grant for the title and idea for the series. Outline Martin Luther—”The Doctrine by which the Church stands or falls” Righteousness and Justification in the Bible Righteousness (Psalm 7:8-9, Proverbs 24:24) To justify = […]

  • Is God Green Part 2: God and the Future of the World

    I’m grateful to Byron Smith who made a few critical comments about a previously published version of this sermon (in five parts: #1, #2a, #2b, #3a, #3b) and helped me to speak more clearly and helpfully in this subsequent version. Talk Outline The story of the world so far… Creation Curse Christ The future of […]

  • Is God Green Part 1: God, the World and Jesus

    I’ve preached this series a number of times over the years – here’s the latest edition (this time with a slightly croaky voice). Before you listen to the talk, you might find it helpful to read this introductory piece which contains the things I didn’t have time to include in the sermon. Thanks to Sandy […]

  • Empires in the Middle-East

    Here’s a nice 90-second video showing the various empires which have controlled the middle-east down through the ages – including during the biblical period. Good for quickly introducing people to the historical and geographical context of biblical books (especially Isaiah!) HT Stephen Cook