Is God Green Part 2: God and the Future of the World

I’m grateful to Byron Smith who made a few critical comments about a previously published version of this sermon (in five parts: #1, #2a, #2b, #3a, #3b) and helped me to speak more clearly and helpfully in this subsequent version.

Talk Outline

  1. The story of the world so far…
    • Creation
    • Curse
    • Christ
  2. The future of the world
    • Judgment (2 Peter 3)
    • Renewal (Revelation 21-22, Romans 8:18-25)
    • What will remain?
  3. While you wait
    • Eager expectation (Romans 8:18-23)
    • Active waiting (2 Peter 3:9-14)
    • The greatest labour in the Lord