Month: December 2011

  • The reason for the season?

    From The Briefing: flickr: adrigu If you insist to a friend that the ‘real meaning of Christmas’ is the birth of Jesus Christ, there are two kinds of response you’re likely to get. If your friend is a traditionalist, they’ll probably agree with you. They might bemoan with you the fact that Christmas is becoming […]

  • Anki Greek and Hebrew flashcard resources

    A message about some of the latest language flashcard resources from my friend Rene Hamburger: If you were planning to revise your Greek or Hebrew vocab or grammar, using Anki might be a great help! Anki is probably the best and most popular free flashcard testing program that is available for a large number of […]

  • Theological Education in Africa – a great need, can you help?

    My friend Mike Taylor, who studied at Moore College in Sydney, is now principal of the Munguishi Bible College in Tanzania. Theological education is one of the most useful things we can provide for our African brothers and sisters. Mike is looking for supporters – perhaps you could help? Here’s Mike’s letter: Munguishi Bible College […]

  • French flashcard program

    I recently completed a course in reading French at Durham University. While taking the course, I adapted my Greek and Hebrew flashcard program to test the 1,600 most common French words. The list of words was originally developed by Etienne Brunet, and translated by my teacher, David Tual. David has kindly given permission for the […]

  • God’s Word versus the Kingdom (1 Kings 21)

    This sermon is part 3 in a 3-part series on 1 Kings 17-22. Outline: The manic street preacher Who rules Israel? (vv. 1-16) God’s word versus the king (vv. 17-29) God’s word, God’s kingdom and us

  • Evangelicals and the slave trade

    A while back I was looking through my father-in-law’s collection of old newspapers and found this little piece in the London Gazette (Monday August 26, 1768, Number 118; Twopence-Farthing). It’s either a letter to the editor or an editorial comment; I’m not sure which! It comes just after the announcement of a soiree to be […]

  • God’s Word versus the Prophet (1 Kings 19)

    This sermon is part 2 in a 3-part series on 1 Kings 17-22. Outline: Looking for a revelation? Things fall apart (vv. 1-3a) Elijah: back to the Fathers (vv. 3b-7) Elijah: back to Moses (vv. 8-14) Elijah: back to work! (vv. 15-18) Looking for a revelation?