Month: May 2012

  • Not My People: Gentiles as Exiles in Pauline Hermeneutics

    David Starling‘s recently published dissertation has received quite a favourable review. Here are some choice excerpts from the review, which made me cheer: [T]he situation of the Israel under judgment in Gal 2:15–4:11 corresponds to the existence of the godless Gentile sinners, and the corollary is that believing and justified Gentiles obtain the same position […]

  • Identity and reality in the modern Australian and ancient Jewish diasporas

    Our family has been away from Australia for almost 3 years now. One of the funny things we’ve noticed about ourselves is how much our Australian identity is wrapped up in symbols and dreams that have little to do with reality. For example, this 1-minute ad for Tourism Australia–based on Les Murray’s poem, “The Dream […]

  • More on Moore College’s theological legacy: Graeme Goldsworthy

    To follow up on my previous post about Donald Robinson and Broughton Knox: “The evangelical Christian world owes a great debt to Graeme Goldsworthy”. These words were spoken by Peter Jensen at the book launch of Christ-centred biblical theology: What Goldsworthy shows is that although there were in the earlier years few books which emanated […]

  • With gratitude for a rich (and ongoing) biblical and theological legacy – Moore College

    A short quiz: Which seminary lecturer described his course this way (and when)? the course quickly developed into an introduction to the theology of the Bible as a whole … ‘the church’ as such was subsumed under the wider theme of God’s creative purpose for Adam, his promise to Abraham and his seed, the elect […]

  • Anglicanism for dummies (and for everyone else)

    Don’t let the dusty-sounding title of Ashley Null’s paper, 16th Century Anglican Ecclesiology, put you off. It’s a devotional, deep, rich, concise yet scholarly account of the roots of the Church of England by one of the most well-respected experts in the field. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand this very […]

  • Theological German Flashcard Program – for Mac and PC

    Here is my Microsoft Excel Flashcard Program – pre-loaded with vocabulary especially for theological students seeking to learn German. The word list came from Ben Blackwell (h/t), and is top notch. It’s graded and very comprehensive (4,335 words altogether). Flashcard Program for Microsoft Excel on PC – Theological German Flashcard Program for Microsoft Excel on […]

  • Suffer the little children

    From The Briefing: The political pressure to redefine the meaning of marriage has recently become more intense and obvious in certain English-speaking countries. But you might have noticed that the vast majority of people in our society aren’t particularly concerned by these developments. Why is that? Here’s one possible reason: in the hearts and minds […]

  • Speech and Salvation: Conference Package

    I recently led a series of talks and discussions at our church’s weekend conference. I’ve put the whole conference together here into one package for others to use (it would work with a small group or a larger church group). To kick off, I started with the question, “Are all Christians commanded to evangelise?” But […]

  • When the offended decide to go on the offensive

    Being an Aussie living in the UK sometimes leads to bizarre experiences. Like when I’m talking to a Brit, and he or she makes a joke based on the premise that Aussies are descended from criminals. That, in itself, isn’t a bizarre experience (usually the joke is quite witty and droll, in true British style). […]