Month: September 2012

  • The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” quite likely a modern forgery

    Admittedly, “Jesus had a wife” is a more sensational headline than “Media outlets fooled by modern forgery.” But it seems the latter headline is more likely to be correct. My PhD supervisor, Professor Francis Watson, an expert in early Christian texts, makes a compelling case that the fragment which has come to be assumed to […]

  • Why does everyone want Jesus to get married?

    From The Briefing: It’s déjà Vinci time. There’s been lots of hype recently, but here’s my summary of the publicly known facts: A few centuries after Jesus was around, various people had various ideas about various things. Some people living at some point up to 300 years after Jesus lived possibly claimed that Jesus had […]

  • Moore College School of Theology 2012: Exploring the Psalms

    Each year, Moore College in Sydney runs a two-day conference on a biblical / theological topic. This year’s topic was the Psalms. As I said in a Vox Pop during the conference, I really appreciated the way in which all the presenters demonstrated an obvious love of God, nurtured by and expressed through a love […]

  • A husband’s sacrificial love: what does it actually look like?

    From The Briefing: Commenting on a previous post, Andrew asked a question that was so worthwhile it deserves a whole new discussion: I find the discussions about submission and love and even mutual submission helpful but a bit hard to understand practically. Often the discussion is centred around the controversial passages and is understandably directed […]