ITS: Moore College’s highly promising new online distance course

Moore College has just introduced a new online theology course called the ITS (Introduction to Theological Studies). It’s a highly promising new style of course that combines online delivery with personal, one-to-one coaching. I was trained and Moore, and I’m back there now doing some lecturing in New Testament Greek and theology. I’ve found Moore to be a place where rigorous academic theology, deeply pastoral ministry and genuine community came together to produce a superb place of learning through God’s Spirit and his Word. The ITS seeks to take that great recipe and make it available online to wide audience.

It’s not too late to sign up for the first term for this year. I believe doing a subject requires about 5 hours a week for about 10 weeks. A substantial time commitment, but worth it for you and your church.

Link: ITS (Introduction to Theological Studies)

Here’s a video explaining more:

Introducing you to ITS, Moore College’s newest distance course! from Moore College on Vimeo.