Why I’m going to the NEXUS conference on 26 May

Last week I was having a discussion with a group of my colleagues about the various conferences which exist for people in Christian ministry. A consensus emerged that the greatest value of such conferences, above and beyond any big-name speakers or exotic venues, was the chance to spend time with each other, grappling together with key issues we face. I remember one of my friends talking about a conference he’d attended recently–he said the conference was great, but actually the most valuable experience he had was the long drive with his colleague getting to / from the conference, and the ensuing discussion!

NexusThat’s why I’m going to NEXUS on 26 May this year in Annandale, Sydney. It’s only a day–so not a big chunk out of the week. The speakers are theologically sharp locals who know the challenges of ministry on the ground in my context. It’s deliberately designed to maximise opportunities to discuss the ideas that are raised and to grow together in our desire to share Christ with the world. Theological, practical, relational, local. And only $50 (or $10 for ministry trainees and theological students). Looking forward to it.