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Andrew Heard: “Women and ‘teaching’ : What is Paul prohibiting in 1 Timothy 2:12?”

Chalk and chalkboardAndrew Heard is the Senior Minister of EV Church and has written a paper engaging with an ongoing discussion about the meaning of the verb “teach” in 1 Timothy 2:12. I felt it interacted well with the issues and merited wider circulation, so happily post it here.*
pdf-download-iconAndrew Heard: “Women and ‘teaching’: What is Paul prohibiting in 1 Timothy 2:12?”


The paper refers to a book to which I have contributedWomen, Sermons and the Bible: Essays Interacting with John Dickson’s Hearing Her Voice (Peter G. Bolt and Tony Payne, eds., Sydney: Matthias Media, 2014).

* I understand the EV church site is under construction and is still some time away from being suitable to lodge papers such as this.

Update: John Dickson has responded to Andrew’s paper, and Andrew has responded to John’s response: Click here for John’s response and Andrew’s response to John’s response.

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