Preaching sermons and leading congregations: what’s the connection? (Exploring some implications)

preachers-and-leaders-310-190I recently presented a paper at the Moore College Priscilla and Aquila Centre 2015 Conference about the connection between preaching sermons and leading congregations.

In the paper, I summarise and expand on my essay “Preachers and Leaders”, an essay that was originally published in the book Women Sermons and the Bible, and is also available to read in full online. After my essay was published, I received a number of questions from interested readers about how the points I raised might be worked out in practical church situations. I have attempted to explore some of these practical issues in this paper.

The paper is available in three formats:

As a PDF file, with references:

pdf-download-iconLionel Windsor: “Preaching sermons and shepherding the flock: What’s the connection?”

As a video:

Priscilla & Aquila Centre conference 2015 – Preaching & congregational leadership – Lionel Windsor from Moore College on Vimeo.

As an audio file (MP3):

Update (14 June 2015):

In my paper, I refer to another paper “Women in the Pulpit?” by Professor Craig Blomberg. The link to the paper (which originally appeared on is broken; so I have placed a copy here.

Other talks and papers from the conference are available at the Priscilla and Aquila Centre website.