Justification by Faith Only: the doctrine on which the church falls or stands?

My friend and colleague David Ould recently interviewed Ashley Null. Ashley is a world authority on Thomas Cranmer, the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, who oversaw the reformation of the Church of England and provided Anglicanism with its foundational theological and liturgical legacy. The interview is available as an audio file on David’s site, and is well worth listening to in full.

Here’s a choice quote on justification by faith only (at 34 minutes):

Pastorally, is “Justification by Faith Only” the doctrine on which the church falls or stands?

Ashley Null: Without the doctrine of justification by faith only we neither know the fullness of who Jesus is or who we are. How can the church stand without either?

(At 34 minutes) in Anglican Future Conference – Interview with Ashley Null.

Featured image: Russell Powell, Sydney Anglican Media





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