GoThereFor – resources

GoThereFor-logoThe newly launched site by Matthias Media is a treasure trove of high quality ideas, Bible studies, training materials and other resources for making disciples of Christ. It’s the place to go to find Christian resources. a bit like Netflix, but better. It’s like Netflix because a simple subscription gives you access to a huge array of content. It’s better because the content is all excellent quality material for making disciples, the subscription is cheaper, and subscriptions help people in the developing world to access the resources who wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

There are two ways you can support and benefit from the GoThereFor ministry:

  1. Sign up for the free trial subscription – the subscription gives you access to all the resources
  2. Pray for and provide financial support so they can make the resources available to many people for a long time to come.

I’ve contributed a number of ideas to this collection over the years. All my ideas are still available for free on this site (see the list below). But of course, if you want the really good stuff (i.e. the contributions by everybody else), sign up for the trial subscription!