Biblical Greek and Hebrew Memrise courses – Michael Allison

Michael Allison, a student here at Moore College, has put together a comprehensive set of Memrise courses for both biblical Greek and Hebrew. These are not mere multiple choice or flash cards, but get the student to type and spell their Greek and Hebrew using the Tyndale Unicode fonts.

Biblical Greek Memrise courseBiblical Hebrew Memrise course

In Greek you just need to spell the word (and where appropriate supply a rough or smooth breathing), but you don’t need to know accents. In the Hebrew you can choose to either simply write the consonants or you can try to spell out the vowel-pointing as well.

Michael says of the courses:Michael Allison

The thought of typing and spelling answers in Greek and Hebrew can seem quite daunting, but after an hour or so (using the intuitive Tyndale fonts) it becomes very natural. A number of third years have made good use of the course.

Biblical Greek

Part 1: Down to thirty-times

Part 2: Down to ten-times

Part 3: Unique base vocab for LXX and Attic Greek

Biblical Hebrew

Part 1: Down to seventy-times

Part 2: Down to thirty-times

Part 3: Masorah Vocab