Sharing gospel truth in a biblically illiterate world

This is an address I gave at the Men Meeting the Challenge conference, 2018.

Increasingly, people in our world have little idea of what the Bible says, let alone any thought they should listen to its authority. How can we commend and proclaim biblical truth to our friends, family, and colleagues in these circumstances? This address is about how the Bible still speaks powerfully today, and how we can share its truth with those around us.



The truth about reality: Sharing gospel truth in a biblically illiterate world

Lionel Windsor

The challenge of biblical illiteracy

The lobster in the nativity play

Noise versus news: How social media magnifies the challenge

The same old challenge

Acts 14:8–18; 17:16–21, 29–34

The same old answer: The story of Jesus Christ

Genesis 1–3

Exodus 34:5–7

Mark 1:1–2

Romans 10:9–17

The true story of Jesus Christ


Speaking the truth in love

Ephesians 4:14–16

Ephesians 5:7–13

What to do with the true story about Jesus

Know the true story

Live the true story

Tell the true story

Some ideas to follow up

For more on sharing the gospel online, see my book Gospel Speech Online: Speaking the Truth in Love in a Digital World (Matthias Media: 2017).

A great way to grasp the Bible’s overall story is to enrol in the Moore College Preliminary Theology Certificate and do the subject ‘Introduction to the Bible’.

If you are thinking you might like to do the Mark Drama at your church, check out the Mark Drama Australia site.