Interview with Sydney Anglicans about the War on Waste

I was interviewed by about the TV series War on Waste:

Lionel Windsor believes that this is a message we can get on board with as Christians, provided that we understand it’s just one area of our theology. The New Testament lecturer at Moore College has just authored a book on God and the environment, titled ‘Is God Green?’, which will be released in November. He says that while it is good to care for the environment, we must take on this message with caution.

“We need to be careful not to naively take on this simple narrative. The narrative is that if humans are shown the right thing, then they will do it. If we show them, they will stopbeing ignorant. This doesn’t take into account human sin.”

Mr Windsor wouldn’t say his family are perfect examples, but they do what they can for the environment, including regularly recycling, composti, and being conscious of how much electricity they use at home. But he doesn’t think we should do these things to try and save the world. “Our world is already saved, Jesus is the one who has saved the world and will save the world. Our cause should be the gospel, and that gospel will reshape everything and it should reshape the way we respond to God’s world and the environment and our neighbours. We have a responsibility to do what is right out of love of our neighbour, not out of saving the world.”

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