When education is not the answer (Romans 2:17–27)

A sermon preached at the Moore College Chapel, 17 May 2019.

“Why are you doing this crazy Christian ministry thing? What’s the point, what’s the goal? You need know why you’re doing it, don’t you? If you know the goal, the point, of it all, then you can make the sacrifices, do the preparation, and keep going over the long haul. And if you know why you’re doing it, it helps to navigate all the complexities of life and ministry day to day. Amongst all the pragmatics and demands struggles of ministry, you first need to know the why of ministry. It’s why you need deep and strong theology, and you need to apply that theology to your life and your ministry.

I’d like to take you to a neglected passage in Romans: the second half of Romans chapter 2, from verse 17. This passage is primarily about the ministry of the gospel. Actually, it’s about the opposite of the ministry of the gospel. Paul here gives us a failed vision of ministry: A ministry based on a wrong theology. A wrong why. And this us enormously valuable for us. Because this ministry failure warns us, and teaches us, by contrast, what true ministry looks like.”

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