Is God Green? By Lionel Windsor

Is God Green? Audio/video links

Is God Green? By Lionel Windsor

Here are some links to audio and video for events I’ve spoken at recently based on my book Is God Green?

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Moore College Centre for Christian Living Event (29 July 2019)

Is God Green? | Centre for Christian Living | 29 July 2019


Vimeo: Is God green? by Tony Payne and Lionel Windsor from Moore College
Vimeo: Q&A for Is God green? by Lionel Windsor and Tony Payne from Moore College


Is God Green:

Is God Green Q&A

Supporting materials:

Talk at A Rocha: Christ, the Cross and Creation Care Conference (22 June 2019)

A Rocha Australia: Christ, the Cross and Creation Care Conference, 22 June 2019

How should we teach on the Environment? Interview on the Pastors’ Heart (30 July 2019)

The Pastor’s Heart, 30 July 2019.


How should an Evangelical leader teach on the environment with Lionel Windsor


“The world matters to God”: A biblical framework for our responsibility to creation