Obedience and Submission in 1 Peter Part 8: Summary

What does “obedience” and “submission” mean in 1 Peter? | Part 8: Summary

The Global Anglican Summer 2022 Cover

Part 8 (final summary) of a series of videos explaining the results of my research as detailed in an academic article: Lionel J. Windsor, “Obedience and Submission in 1 Peter,” The Global Anglican 136/2 (2022): 126–144.

The original article is available at churchsociety.org

Main headings for this final summary:

  • Obedience means “heeding”, which involves a holistic reorientation of life
  • Submission means voluntarily placing yourself in various ordered relationships
  • Obedience and submission do not imply grudgingly following orders or suppressing your will
  • Abuse is not OK. There is nothing commendable about tolerating abuse.
  • Questioning postcolonial interpretations
  • Applying 1 Peter today
  • 1 Peter doesn’t say everything