Video: What does the Bible say about caring for the environment?

A talk I gave at Mentone Baptist Church on 11 September, 2022.

YouTube video available here


I remember as a young teenager, growing up in the 80s watching TV shows and being a bit scared by the threat of what was called back then “The Greenhouse Effect”. Around the same time, I became a Christian, which was the most wonderful and joyous decision I’ve ever made. Later, I studied Electrical Engineering at uni and I worked as a solar energy engineer, helping scientists to research cheap and viable ways to make solar cells. After that I went into Christian ministry as a vocation, but I still loved and valued my work as a solar engineer.

Over the decades, I’ve noticed that general attitudes to ecological issues have changed. In the 90s, people who cared about the environment were a bit fringe and weird and alternative. In the early 2000s, environmental issues became a more fashionable. Now, it’s fair to say that ecological consciousness is part of the air we breathe.

Recently, Australia’s 2021 State of the Environment Report was released. It reported that our environment’s state is poor and deteriorating in the areas of climate, extreme events, land and soil, inland water, and coasts. Major problems included invasive species, forest clearing, and lack of planned water delivered.

How you feel about these issues? Are you worried? Distracted? Anxious? Complacent? Resigned? Apathetic? Confident? Skeptical? Hopeful? Because sometimes it’s hard to see solutions and you feel a bit like despairing.

What the talk is all about

Is God Green? By Lionel Windsor

In this video, I approach these issues by looking at some of the key things the Bible says about God and humanity and the world. It’s important to understand the story of God’s world and his Son Jesus Christ. Because in the midst of all the bad news, the Bible has wonderful, good news for us and our world.

See also my book, Is God Green?

Below is a link to the video, plus a visual outline of the talk.

Video here:

Visual outline: What does the Bible say about caring for the environment?

Check out my book Is God Green?

Is God Green? By Lionel Windsor
Book: Is God Green?

Do we need to save the planet? Is the future of our world at stake? It’s hard to escape questions like this in the media and the wider world these days. How would you answer them? Maybe you’re an environmental warrior, or maybe you’re sceptical that there’s anything to worry about at all. Have you wondered where God stands on this issue? Does he care about the world and what we do with it? Is God green? In this short book Lionel Windsor takes us through what the Bible says about the environment. You’ll discover what God has to say about:

  • why the world is in a mess
  • where the world is headed
  • what we should do about it in the here and now.