Forthcoming Book: Truth be told: Living truthfully in a post-truth world

Truth Be Told: Living Truthfully in a Post-Truth World

My new book should be available in September:

Truth Be Told: Living Truthfully in a Post-Truth World
Truth Be Told: Living Truthfully in a Post-Truth World


It is a truth universally acknowledged that there is an almost universal ambivalence towards truth these days. Many even reject the idea that universal truths have any valid place at all in our ‘post-truth’ society.

As Christians, we cannot afford to let our society’s loose relationship with truth influence our thinking, living and speaking. In Truth be Told, Lionel Windsor goes back to the Bible to show how the gospel provides a foundation for both understanding truth and interacting truthfully with our culture. Provocative and timely, this book offers Christians practical help in the task of sharing the truth of the gospel with confidence and conviction.


Part I: Our truth problem

Ch 1. Fake news: truth in trouble on the world stage

Ch 2. Frankenstein and the robots: truth in trouble in our technology

Ch 3. Small tyrants: truth in trouble in our institutions

Ch 4. ‘Your truth’: truth in trouble in our culture

Ch 5. When postmodern became post-truth: truth in trouble in our minds

Ch 6. We can’t handle the truth: truth in trouble in our hearts

Ch 7. Why can’t we all just tell the truth?

Part II: The word of truth

Ch 8. A post-truth world and the faithful God: the Old Testament

Ch 9. Jesus, full of grace and truth: the Gospel of John

Ch 10. Walking in the truth: 1 John

Ch 11. Speaking the truth in love: Ephesians

Ch 12. Truth on the ground: 1 Timothy

Ch 13. Truth amid pain and tears: 2 Corinthians

Part III: Telling the truth

Ch 14. Believing the truth: faith

Ch 15. Turning to the truth: repentance

Ch 16. Reality check: the seriousness of deception

Ch 17. Habits of truthfulness

Ch 18. Habits of faithfulness

Ch 19. The whole truth? Truth and love in tricky situations

Ch 20. Don’t go into battle without your belt: truth in evangelism

Ch 21. Communities of truth


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In approx. September 2023