At the Moore College Revue, we enjoy sending ourselves up.

Here’s my contribution this year (2023): a music video with Faculty, students, family and robots.


A.D. 2024.
The war to control Moore Theological College reaches its glorious climax.
The race of hybrid pastor-technocrats emerges victorious.
A golden age of efficiency and effectiveness dawns.
The first ChatGPT Holobot, Archie Techtone, is installed on the Faculty.
Within hours, the machine masters the new curriculum

and surpasses it.
The code replicates itself into the ministry DNA of the every Faculty member and student
Global domination is finally within our reach

Read it, parse it, gloss it, chart it
Exegete it, then forget it
Hear it, learn it, see it, know it
Feel it, do it, quick, reflect it
Search it, scan it, skim it, cite it
TurnItIn it, fix, submit it
Grasp it, note it, file it, find it
Cram it, write it, now apply it
Share it, care it, love it, heal it
Teach it, preach it, rinse, repeat it
Say it, pray it, strum it, sing it
Turn it up and worship with it
Plan it, fund it, plant it, lead it
Grow it, count it, systemize it
Reach it: ‘M’ it, ‘M’ it, ‘M’ it,
‘M’ it, ‘M’ it, multiply it
. . theologic
. . theologic
. . theologic
. . theologic



Plan it, pay it, count it, meet it
Lead it, send it, optimize it


Blame Lionel Windsor & the Moore Revue 2023
Thanks to Moore College students and Faculty and Harry & Ellie Windsor
Apologies to Daft Punk
Any resemblance to actual teaching or ministry scenarios is entirely satirical