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Interview: Truth Be Told | God’s Story Podcast

Here’s an interview about my forthcoming book Truth Be Told: Living Truthfully in a Post-Truth World on the God’s Story Podcast.

How do we live truthfully in a post truth world? Why are we in a post truth world and what is a post truth world anyway?

God's Story Podcast

Brent and Ian talk with Lionel Windsor about his forthcoming Matthias Media book ‘Truth be Told: Living truthfully in a post-truth world’.

  • (1:05) What is a post truth world?
  • (2:00) At what point did we lose our sense of truth?
  • (4:00) Why do we care about truth?
  • (6:50) Truth and our technology;
  • (9:45) How will AI and robotics affect our perception of the truth?
  • (14:30) Is there a reason for truth?
  • (16:30) What is truth anyway?
  • (18:00) Cancel culture;
  • (23:00) We still desire truth.

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