Truth Be Told: Sample chapter and pre-order

From Rachel at Matthias Media:

The book on truth they tried to censor

It became painfully clear during the production of Truth be Told, Lionel Windsor’s new book encouraging Christians to stand out in the world because of their honesty and integrity, just how much it was needed.

Truth be Told is broken into three key parts:

  1. ‘Our truth problem’ helps Christians to engage with our culture’s problematic and ambivalent relationship with ‘truth’
  2. ‘The word of truth’ shows how the Bible provides penetrating answers to the issues raised in Part 1, modelling how to engage with and understand the Scriptures
  3. ‘Telling the truth’ challenges and equips Christians to speak and live in line with the truth in various aspects of their lives.

Lionel had to immediately walk the talk: standard printing of Truth be Told was denied unless he removed certain truths a government did not want to see in print. But Lionel and Matthias Media both agreed that, despite long delays and increased costs, it would be better to stand firm, embrace the irony, and tell the truth. A new (distant) printer was found, and we expect to provide you with the uncensored book soon! So soon that you can pre-order it!

But if international relations aren’t something you deal with day to day, what does this book have to do with you? Here’s how Lionel puts it:

Can you imagine what it would be like for us to consistently speak and live according to this truth? Can you imagine the effect on our post-truth world if Christians—both individuals and communities—were so gripped by the truth of Jesus Christ that we were committed not only to believing this truth, but also to taking lies seriously; to turning away from lies daily; to developing lasting habits of truthfulness and faithfulness; to navigating the complexities of life while faithfully and truthfully speaking this message of truth and life to others; and to deliberately creating communities increasingly committed to truth?

Actually, if you’re a Christian, you don’t just have to imagine this. Jesus has already made a massive difference in your life and in the lives of your fellow believers. He continues to give you what you need to speak and live in this way. If you look closely and prayerfully at yourself and others, you’ll notice him making a profound difference. This is what Jesus does. It’s a cause for great thanksgiving!

And yet, truth is also an ongoing challenge for us. If our world ends up moving further along its trajectory of post-truth madness, it will become even more challenging for us. That’s why we need to keep clinging to Jesus and holding on to the word of truth. We need to keep coming back to him, to ask him to rescue us and transform us as we navigate the increasingly choppy waters of this post-truth world. We need him to give us the strength to speak the truth in love, both among ourselves and to others. And we need to take these challenges of living truthfully more and more seriously.

We’re thankful to Lionel for his integrity and his patience as we continue to get everything sorted out. We think you will be too after reading Truth be Told.