Australian Evangelical Perspectives on Youth Ministry: Identity, Church, Culture, and Discipleship

Book launch: Australian evangelical perspectives on youth ministry

A book I’ve contributed to will be launched on 21 March:

  • Thursday, 21 March 2024
  • 6:00 pm—7:30 pm
  • Youthworks College, 16 Carillon Avenue, Newtown, NSW, 2042 Australia (map)

The event is free (RSVP needed), and attendees will have the opportunity to buy the book at a discount at the event (@ $25, RRP $36).

Contributors: Graham Stanton, Lionel Windsor, Timothy Paul Jones, Chase Kuhn, Tim Beilharz, Mike Dicker, Ruth Lukabyo, Andrew Errington, Danielle Treweek, Vivian Cheung, Bill Salier, Timothy Escott, Andrew Spalding.

Here’s the blurb for the event:

This book is a unique contribution to the study of children’s and youth ministry, displaying the rich theological thinking that is developing amongst Australian evangelical scholars. Many of the writers have previously presented at the Youthworks “House” conference, which promotes “theological reflection for best practice in youth and children’s ministry in a community of youth and children’s ministers.”

The themes explored in this book are vitally important to pastors seeking to nurture young people as disciples of Jesus. Thirteen evangelical scholars answer questions such as: How can biblical theology shape a young person’s view of themselves? What is the biblical definition of church and how does this shape our understanding of intergenerational gatherings, family, and community? How should young Christians interact with the culture around them? And how do biblical teachings on sin, grace, and wisdom provide young people with the resources to live in today’s world?

You will be challenged to reconsider how theology and exegetical study of the Bible can mold your priorities, principles, and presumptions as you exercise ministry to and with young people.

All attendees will have access to purchase the book at the special discounted launch price of $25.00. RRP $36.00

If you’d like a taster, you can read my contribution for free online here:

Read Who Am I? Identity and Freedom in Paul’s Letter to the Romans.

Contents of the book

Part 1: Identity

1 What’s the Story with Young People Today? | 3  — Graham D. Stanton 

2 Who Am I? Identity and Freedom in Paul’s Letter to the Romans | 20  —Lionel Windsor

Part 2: Church 

3 Family-as-Church, Church-as-Family: Towards a More Comprehensive Definition of Family Ministry | 41 — Timothy Paul Jones 

4 The Doctrine of the Church and Age Specific Ministries | 63 — Chase R. Kuhn

5 Children’s Ministry in the Third Place | 86 — Tim Beilharz 

6 Anglican Theology and Children in Church | 106 — Mike Dicker

Part 3: Culture 

7 The Success of Colonial Sunday Schools and Their Ongoing Usefulness Today | 125 — Ruth Lukabyo

8 The Joyful Task of Being Free | 146 — Andrew Errington 

9 The Place of Singleness in Christian Theology and Culture: Implications for Youth Ministry Today | 164 — Danielle Treweek

Part 4: Discipleship

10 Paul and the Gift: Conversation with Barclay and Implications for Youth Ministry Practice | 183 — Vivian Cheung

11 Faithful Teaching about Sin in the Light of Child Development | 204 —Bill Salier

12 The Path to Wisdom: Searching and Finding Order in Proverbs 2 | 222 — Timothy Escott

13 “Nothing New Under the Sun” Ecclesiastes as a Critique of the Postmodern Quest | 244 — Andrew D. Spalding