Technology in a Post-Truth world: CCL Podcast

Truth Be Told: Living Truthfully in a Post-Truth World

Here’s a 25-minute interview about the “technology” chapter of my book Truth be told: Living truthfully in a post-truth world at the Centre for Christian Living Podcast with my friend and colleague Peter Orr.

In our last episode, we heard from Lionel Windsor, who talked about his new book, “Truth Be Told: Living truthfully in a post-truth world”. In this episode, we’re going to focus in on one chapter in Lionel’s book, looking at how, as Christians, we can live truthful, godly lives in a world that is becoming more and more technologically complex.

Technology is not all bad; you listen to this podcast through a variety of technologies. But it’s hard to know how to live in such a technologically complex world. Lionel helps us think through some of the core issues that are vital for us to grasp in a world like ours.

The interview is 25 minutes of audio; there’s also a transcript available.

Centre for Christian Living interview on technology in a post-truth world