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Righteousness language in the Bible

This series is designed to help you to get to know and love some of the important words used in the Bible so that you can be more precise as you seek to know God and talk about him. Each post is designed to build on the previous one. I’ll give a basic description of the word’s meaning, followed by a brief discussion. My hope is that people will take a bit of time to remember and learn the description each time one of these posts appears.

  1. Improve your biblical word power 1: Righteousness
  2. Improve your biblical word power 2: Forensic righteousness
  3. Improve your biblical word power 3: Justification
  4. Improve your biblical word power 4: Atonement
  5. Using your biblical word power: Justification through Atonement
  6. Improve your theological word power: Imputation
  7. Is Anyone Righteous?
  8. Postscript: Why the New Perspective claims that “righteousness” means “covenant faithfulness” – and why it’s wrong

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