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  • Jesus, Freedom and Authority in Lockdown Part 4: God’s Mediator

    Jesus, Freedom and Authority in Lockdown Part 4: God’s Mediator

    When you become a Christian, you don’t give up being a member of the human race. Your fellow human is very much like you: subject to sin, and in need of salvation. And your fellow human is also like Jesus.

  • The Victory of the Cross

    The Victory of the Cross

    According to the Bible, Jesus’ death on the cross is God’s victory and triumph—a victory and triumph Christ shares with all who trust in him… (Audio)

  • Graeme Goldsworthy on the Gospel, Atonement, Satisfaction and Justification

    Graeme Goldsworthy on the Gospel, Atonement, Satisfaction and Justification

    Graeme Goldsworthy’s life work is about integrating the grand sweep of biblical narrative with its central theme, the gospel. The gospel, for Goldsworthy, has at its very heart the amazing truth that Christ died as a satisfaction for sin.

  • Publication notice: The Seed, the Many and the One in Galatians 3:16

    Publication notice: The Seed, the Many and the One in Galatians 3:16

    This essay offers a fresh interpretation of Galatians 3:16, by paying close attention to features of the source text on which it is based: Genesis 17.

  • Jesus Christ and the Revolution of Destiny

    Jesus Christ and the Revolution of Destiny

    The Apostle Paul’s letters bear witness to the fact that his identity and his destiny had been revolutionised by his encounter with Jesus Christ.

  • His shame, my shame

    His shame, my shame

    Something always strikes me when I come to read the written accounts of Jesus’ final hours before his death. The Gospels do not dwell on the physical suffering in any kind of gory detail. Rather, what comes to the fore in these accounts, again and again, is Jesus’ shame and humiliation.

  • I’m sayin’ something

    On the Sola Panel I’m with Tony. When it comes to telling you what to do in response to the issue of climate change, I’m sayin’ nuttin’. But I’m also with Carl Henry as quoted by Tony. So here’s some biblical truths that I am willing to say. Maybe they’ll help you to think more…

  • Keeping the Solas Together

    From the Sola Panel One of the aims of the Sola Panel is to go back to basics, to remind ourselves of the importance of the ‘solas’ (i.e. scripture alone, faith alone, Christ alone, grace alone, glory to God alone). This post will look at one way in which these solas all fit together. I’m…

  • Jesus at work: trading places

    From the Sola Panel Here’s something really interesting in Mark’s Gospel that my lovely wife Bronwyn noticed when she was reading the Bible the other day. Close to the beginning of Mark, in chapter 1, Jesus meets a man with a skin disease: And a leper came to him, imploring him, and kneeling said to…

  • Rereading Doug Campbell to help us preach the gospel

    In chapter 1 of his megabook, The Deliverance of God: an Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2009), Douglas Campbell outlines what he calls “the justification theory of salvation”, which he seems to regard as a summary of the conventional understanding of the gospel amongst the majority of Western Christians (7). If…

  • The ratification of the covenant in Galatians 3:17

    We have seen that the “seed” of Galatians 3:16 is referring to Genesis 17:8. In Galatians 3:16, Paul is explaining to the gentile Galatians that the “seed” of Genesis 17:8 is the “one” nation Israel, not the “multitude” of nations who will also have Abraham as their father (Genesis 17:5). In Galatians 3:17, Paul goes…

  • Improve your Biblical Word Power – the series

    I’ve put up a single page linking to all the articles in my “Improve your Biblical Word Power” series, originally published on the Sola Panel. Here are the posts in the series: Improve your biblical word power 1: Righteousness Improve your biblical word power 2: Forensic righteousness Improve your biblical word power 3: Justification Improve…

  • God, the universe and all that: Part 5

    From the Sola Panel This is the fifth instalment of a five-part series (Read parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) We’ve been looking at Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2, and have discovered that Jesus provides the solution to the puzzle of Psalm 8. Where do we see Jesus? We see him in the Gospels, those…

  • Heavy metal for kids on iTunes – Ben Pakula

    Our whole family (aged 35, 31, 7, 5 and 2) has loved listening to Ben Pakula’s heavy metal album for kids, A Very Special Tent. The Album is now available on iTunes. Just type “Ben Pakula” into the iTunes Store search box (if you don’t have iTunes, you need to download and install the program…

  • Jesus, the Son of Man, as presented in the Gospel of John

    Lionel Windsor (2003) Synopsis The essay begins with the proposal by Barnabas Lindars that ‘The central aim of the Johannine christology is to expound the intimate relationship of Jesus and God. For this purpose John takes over the idea of the Son of Man, [. . .]’. Lindars’ case has some merit, but has isolated…

  • Using your biblical word power: Justification through Atonement

    From the Sola Panel: Today we’re continuing the series on biblical word power. This time we will seek to use what we have learned about the meaning of some important biblical words, so that we can come to grips with a very significant story told by Jesus. Definitions To recap our key biblical definitions: Righteousness…

  • Improve your biblical word power 4: Atonement

    From the Sola Panel: This post is the fourth in a series designed to help you to get to know and love some of the important words used in the Bible. Today we’ll learn the basic meaning of the word ‘atonement’. Atonement: a definition Let’s start with a definition of the word ‘atonement’: Atonement =…

  • Is God Green #2: God, the World and Jesus

    A shorter version of this article is available on webSalt, a publication of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students. STARK Have you ever heard of a genre of novel or movie called ‘apocalyptic’? Most books or movies, especially from Hollywood, have a happy ending. Some books or movies have tragic endings, e.g. the lead character…

  • The End of the World as We Know It

    My post on the Sola Panel today: Today, millions of Christians across the globe will join together to celebrate the end of the world as we know it. I’m talking, of course, about Good Friday—the celebration of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This is an event of cosmic significance—an event in which the world as…