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  • With gratitude for a rich (and ongoing) biblical and theological legacy – Moore College

    A short quiz: Which seminary lecturer described his course this way (and when)? the course quickly developed into an introduction to the theology of the Bible as a whole … ‘the church’ as such was subsumed under the wider theme of God’s creative purpose for Adam, his promise to Abraham and his seed, the elect […]

  • Doctrines Under Threat 2: Union with Christ

    Outline (Reading from Romans 6) Intro: Faith and Works Union with Christ in Philippians 3 Righteousness by law is rubbish (2-7) Knowing Christ (8a) Gaining Christ (8b) Being in Christ (9a) Righteousness through faith in Christ (9b) Living in Christ (10-11) What is Union with Christ? Fundamental To be loved by God as Sons For […]

  • The language of Chalcedon

    A few years back, I put together this visual summary of the terminology the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD) used to express the biblical doctrines of the Trinity and the two natures of Christ. This is one of the most important councils of Christian history, because it clearly confirmed the reality of God revealed in […]

  • Jesus, the Son of Man, as presented in the Gospel of John

    Lionel Windsor (2003) Synopsis The essay begins with the proposal by Barnabas Lindars that ‘The central aim of the Johannine christology is to expound the intimate relationship of Jesus and God. For this purpose John takes over the idea of the Son of Man, [. . .]’. Lindars’ case has some merit, but has isolated […]

  • Debating order in the Trinity

    I’m involved in a debate about eternal order in the relationship between Father, Son and Spirit at my friend’s blog: | A question for the egalitarians. The relationships in the Godhead have implications for relationships between men and women (e.g. 1 Corinthians 11:2-16) I’m learning a lot through this debate; if you’ve got a […]

  • Justification and Sanctification: Biblical Definitions and Modern Misunderstandings

    Lionel Windsor (2004) Introduction The relationship between God and humanity is, of course, of fundamental importance to Biblical revelation. The details of how this relationship is made right, from God’s point of view and from our own (corporately and individually), are also treated at length, both in the Scriptures and in subsequent Christian reflection. Here […]