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  • PhD thesis: approved and now available online (Paul and the Vocation of Israel)

    This dissertation argues that Paul’s apostolic mission to the Gentiles was the definitive expression of his divine vocation as an Israelite, and thus of his Jewish identity. For many of Paul’s Jewish contemporaries, Israel’s divine vocation was to keep and to teach the precepts of the Law of Moses as an exemplary witness to God’s power and wisdom. For Paul, however, Jewish identity was expressed primarily by preaching the gospel of Christ, as the fulfilment of the Law of Moses, to the Gentiles. This is seen most clearly in Paul’s letter to the Romans.

  • More heavy snowfall in Durham – images

  • Pictures of snow in Durham

    In Durham over the last day or so we’ve had a few snow showers. It’s quite a novelty for an Aussie family. Here’s some pictures of Durham in the snow! Click on any of the photos for a high resolution image. At night, at our front door, during the first snow shower: I went for […]

  • In Durham

    It’s been a little while between posts: by God’s grace, our family has just completed the transition from Wollongong, Australia to Durham, England in order for me to undertake further study for the sake of long-term theological education in Australia and Malaysia. We’ve been quite occupied travelling and getting set up in Durham. The posts […]