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  • Theologic


    At the Moore College Revue, we enjoy sending ourselves up. Here’s my contribution this year (2023): a music video with Faculty, students, family and robots.

  • Liturgy Song – Moore College Revue 2020

    Liturgy Song – Moore College Revue 2020

    Here’s a tribute to our online chapel experience in mid-2020 at Moore College, in the full spirit of parody. I wrote it for our Moore College Revue, and had much fun performing it with Jordan Smith and Monique New.

  • Moore College Revue Skit 2015 – The Moore College Calendar Project

    Moore College Revue Skit 2015 – The Moore College Calendar Project

    Moore Revue 2015 – The Moore College Calendar Project

  • Instruments of Peace – Neutral Bay Multifaith Service 2014

    Instruments of Peace – Neutral Bay Multifaith Service 2014

    The Anglican contribution to the Neutral Bay Multifaith service 2014. The topic: “being instruments of peace”

  • Greek or Hebrew?

    A quote from George Athas at Moore College that’s crying out for re-posting: A friend of mine who pastors a congregation told me of a young man in his church who was heading off to study at a theological college. This young man approached my friend for advice on making a choice: should he study…

  • Innasense

    What’s the point of having your own blog if you can’t occasionally share a good old rant? I’ve noticed recently that educated people speaking extemporaneously in public often randomly pepper their discourse with the term, “innasense”. I have had two theories as to how this term came about. The first theory was that these people…

  • Re-reading Doug Campbell

    Here’s something I’d like to say: I’ve just picked up a copy of Douglas A. Campbell’s The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Grand Rapids / Cambridge: Eerdmans, 2009). Initially, I was a bit daunted. It’s a very big and scary book, running to 1218 pages. But I’ve just realised that…

  • A tribute to Anglican Liturgy

    Liturgy For the Moore College Review, 2003 Words by Dave ‘McCartney’ Hann and Lionel ‘Lennon’ Windsor With help from 3rd year Moore College 2004 Rubrics by Lewis ‘Harrison’ Jones and Lionel ‘Lennon’ Windsor To the tune of ‘Let it Be’ The people sitting, appropriate chords of introduction are played. DRAWING NEAR TO LISTEN When he…

  • Old Testament Studies Revolutionised

    Newsflash: Old Testament Studies Revolutionised. Exciting new evidence supporting a late dating for the Old Testament book of Daniel has arisen in a curiously unexpected way. It appears that an orthodox fragment of an ancient source underlying Daniel has been preserved by oral tradition to this day amongst a group of Western fundamentalists, who even…

  • Should theological students have a day off?

    I like having Saturday off (normally). I suppose you could try keeping the fourth commandment literally, according to the original instruction. But that would involve downing tools at Sunset on Israel’s Friday (about 2 AM Saturday morning EST) and picking them up again 24 hours later (2 AM Sunday morning). Anything else (e.g. just ‘having…