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  • Biblical Greek and Hebrew Memrise courses – Michael Allison

    Biblical Greek and Hebrew Memrise courses – Michael Allison

    Michael Allison, a student here at Moore College, has put together a comprehensive set of Memrise courses for both Greek and Hebrew.

  • Greek learning resources

    Greek learning resources

    An up-to-date list of the most relevant Greek resources available on this site

  • Spectacular find: original Greek sermons by Origen of Alexandria discovered

    [My translation of the original article from the Bavarian State Library, H/T Ben Blackwell]: A spectacular discovery was recently made in the Bavarian State Library, in the process of cataloguing the Greek manuscripts from the collection of Johann Jakob Fuggers. While cataloguing a manuscript, Philologist Marina Molin Pradel identified numerous texts of sermons on the […]

  • Greek or Hebrew?

    A quote from George Athas at Moore College that’s crying out for re-posting: A friend of mine who pastors a congregation told me of a young man in his church who was heading off to study at a theological college. This young man approached my friend for advice on making a choice: should he study […]

  • Anki Greek and Hebrew flashcard resources

    A message about some of the latest language flashcard resources from my friend Rene Hamburger: If you were planning to revise your Greek or Hebrew vocab or grammar, using Anki might be a great help! Anki is probably the best and most popular free flashcard testing program that is available for a large number of […]

  • “Justification” and “righteousness” are not the same

    As a side-project, I’m engaging in a small quest for greater semantic clarity in regard to the biblical word-group related to “justification” and “righteousness”. I’m not just trying to engage in pedantic nit-picking; I think it’s important to clarify the meanings of these really important words that are used by the apostle Paul in key […]

  • Visual Greek Prepositions in PowerPoint

    This is a great little tool for learning prepositions; especially good for visual learners. It requires you to have PowerPoint or equivalent. Visual story for learning Greek prepositions by Ben Gooley and André Wheeley

  • Golden Rules for Learning Greek

    I’m about to start teaching New Testament Greek for beginners for some people at our church. I want to start with some “golden rules”; i.e. principles that the students should keep in mind throughout their Greek learning career. I’d welcome any suggestions for further rules (even if it’s along the lines of “I wish I’d […]

  • Reader’s Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible

    This Reader’s Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible is an excellent resource for those who have learned Greek and Hebrew and want to keep up their language skills. You can customise it to provide you with as much or as little help as you need. I recommend small doses every day to keep your languages […]

  • Feeling Greek chapters 1-10

    The Feeling Greek course, chapters 1-10 is available for free download. This course is designed as a simple, phonics-based introduction to New Testament Greek. It can be used as a ‘refresher’ for students of Greek who have found themselves struggling with the complexities of the language at an advanced level and need to remind themselves […]