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  • Biblical Greek and Hebrew Memrise courses – Michael Allison

    Biblical Greek and Hebrew Memrise courses – Michael Allison

    Michael Allison, a student here at Moore College, has put together a comprehensive set of Memrise courses for both Greek and Hebrew.

  • Why learn biblical Hebrew?

    Why learn biblical Hebrew?

    Learning Hebrew takes organisation, discipline and effort. Is the hard work is worth it? Why learn Hebrew in the first place anyway?

  • Greek or Hebrew?

    A quote from George Athas at Moore College that’s crying out for re-posting: A friend of mine who pastors a congregation told me of a young man in his church who was heading off to study at a theological college. This young man approached my friend for advice on making a choice: should he study […]

  • Anki Greek and Hebrew flashcard resources

    A message about some of the latest language flashcard resources from my friend Rene Hamburger: If you were planning to revise your Greek or Hebrew vocab or grammar, using Anki might be a great help! Anki is probably the best and most popular free flashcard testing program that is available for a large number of […]

  • Hebrew Verbs and the Sovereignty of God

    Great insights here by George Athas on God, Jonah, and the Benefit of Hebrew. George looks carefully at the Hebrew verbs in Jonah and finds: It seems that the narrator wants us to understand that Yahweh is in complete control of the situation. Although Jonah is on the run, trying to avoid his divine commission, […]

  • A Hebrew Reader of BHS – on its way

    I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of this Hebrew Reader of the BHS. Learning and keeping the Hebrew language should be a joy rather than a burden; this publication is designed to lift the burden and share the joy: The reader is designed to enable students of Biblical Hebrew to read the text without continual recourse […]

  • Seow Hebrew vocabulary resources from David Reimer

    David Reimer, from Edinburgh, has provided two very helpful resources for students using C. L. Seow’s Textbook A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. This Vocabulary List contains the entire vocabulary list from Seow, sorted by “alephbet”. A good reference glossary. This Flashcards – Seow Hebrew (Unicode) is my original Hebrew flashcards program with the Hebrew words […]

  • Reader’s Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible

    This Reader’s Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible is an excellent resource for those who have learned Greek and Hebrew and want to keep up their language skills. You can customise it to provide you with as much or as little help as you need. I recommend small doses every day to keep your languages […]