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  • Prelude: An electro-blues album

    Prelude: An electro-blues album

    In the 1990s I wrote and recorded some electro-blues pieces with an electric piano, synth and PC. I called the album “Prelude”. Here are a few tracks.

  • The Intellectual

    The Intellectual Lionel Windsor 2002 Careless musings on electrons and Byron are scattered By the late night TV news. “Right to Lifers march on Parliament”. Even now, poor souls staunchly defend their cause, Oblivious to postmodern thinking. You’ve been there, done that; Old-fashioned notions haunt your red youth. As you flick the switch in nonchalant…

  • What if

    What if . . . Lionel Windsor 2001 What if love is more than a feeling? What if there’s more to life? What if people matter more than anything? What if the truth IS out there? What if the best things in life ARE free? What if education isn’t the answer? What if your life…