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Resources to help: slow-burn crazy-making behaviours

This is a section of a longer paper. There is a roadmap for the entire paper, and you can download the PDF.

As we mentioned at the start, slow-burn crazy-making behaviours (SBCMB) is a term that we’ve made up ourselves. We’re not writing this as experts or psychological practitioners. Rather, we are giving some ideas and tips from our personal experience of a small handful of people in Christian ministry and other relationships. We think that is important for us to do. However, it is limited. In other words, this paper is simply meant to be an awareness-raising tool. We’re not able or qualified to provide further expert advice on these matters.

So we need to emphasise (to avoid any potential disappointment) that we’re not able to respond to enquiries or questions you may have about this paper.

However, we don’t just want to leave you with nowhere to go! Here are two places to check out for further help.

Firstly, if in reading this paper you have realised that somebody you know (or you yourself) are exhibiting a pattern of behaviours that might be related to complex and/or childhood trauma, help and resources for survivors and their supporters are available through the Blue Knot Foundation.

Secondly, we believe that insights from psychology can be greatly beneficial for Christian ministry. As we mentioned at the start, courses are available at the Mental Health and Pastoral Care Institute. We understand that some of the content from these courses will be placed on the website as resources. We commend this to you for your consideration if you would like to follow up these matters further.

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Note well: Because of time and energy constraints, we’re not personally able to respond to any queries or comments about this paper. So please realise in advance that if you send us a message about this paper, you are unlikely to receive any response from us.

To read the whole paper: Slow-burn crazy-making behaviours

Slow-burn crazy-making behavioursOnline: a roadmap for the entire paper Download the entire PDF

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