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  • Faiths in Conversation

    Faiths in Conversation

    A Jew, a Muslim, and an Anglican Minister walk into a classroom … a community teaching event.

  • It’s Time to Speak Out

    It’s Time to Speak Out

    A sermon about the importance of speaking the gospel of Christ, based on Romans 1:1-6.

  • Making Christ Known. Together.

    Making Christ Known. Together.

    A sermon preached at St Augustine’s Anglican Church, Neutral Bay.            

  • Making Christ Known

    Making Christ Known

    A sermon preached at St Augustine’s Neutral Bay              

  • Speech and the Spirit

    We’ve got to move beyond the question, “Is every Christian an evangelist”? I had a go at moving the issue forward in my series of articles and talks entitled “speech and salvation,” focussing mainly on Paul’s letters. Tony Payne in a recent Briefing article addresses the same question in a more comprehensive and practical way. He asks: How…

  • Having your heart in your mouth (Romans 10:1-13)

    I preached this sermon recently at St Michael’s Anglican Cathedral, Wollongong. Right now, St Michael’s is engaging in a concerted effort to promote conversations about Jesus! People are being asked to complete the sentence, “Jesus is _______.” How would you fill the blank? The sermon grew out of my study of Romans 9-11, which formed chapter…

  • Speech and Salvation: Conference Package

    I recently led a series of talks and discussions at our church’s weekend conference. I’ve put the whole conference together here into one package for others to use (it would work with a small group or a larger church group). To kick off, I started with the question, “Are all Christians commanded to evangelise?” But…

  • Stranger evangelism

    I believe in stranger evangelism. Over the course of 2009, my own denomination in this part of the world is mounting a concerted campaign to make meaningful, relational connections with everyone in our area, thus helping them to come into a relationship with God through his word. For me personally, this has involved (often tough)…

  • Countering nowism

    It’s been interesting to follow the comments on Tony’s post about the ethics of everyday evangelism. Tony makes a helpful point: rather than getting caught up with the question of whether we must evangelize, it’s far more useful to ask how we can encourage, inspire and equip more Christians to talk about Jesus with their friends. In this…

  • Why we must be seeker sensitive

    The phrase ‘seeker sensitive’ has dropped out of fashion recently. For those who haven’t heard the phrase, the idea of a ‘seeker sensitive service’ is a church gathering that focuses on the desires and needs of ‘spiritual seekers’—non-Christians with a thirst for knowing more about God. It aims to do everything possible to make it…