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  • What’s wrong with the world? Is there hope? (Ephesians)

    What’s wrong with the world? Is there hope? (Ephesians)

    Guilt, weakness, spiritual slavery, prejudice, arrogance, tribalism, conflict, war, victimhood, persecution, pain, suffering, futility, ignorance, lying, deceit, anger, theft, greed, pornography, sexual sin, darkness, fear, drunkenness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, workplace abuse, spiritual powers… In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he says many things about the problems we face in this world. He also gives us wonderful reasons to find life, hope and healing in Jesus Christ. Along the way, he provides practical teachings about how to respond and live together.

  • A guilt-free Easter

    A guilt-free Easter

    I just got an ad in the letterbox: “Want to know how to give yourself a Guilt Free Easter this year?”